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Frequently Asked Questions

What does My Home Assistant solve?

To be more helpful, the documentation wants to link the user to a specific page in their instance. However, each Home Assistant instance is hosted at a different url.

My Home Assistant allows users to store the URL of their instance so that the documentation can link the user directly to the right page in their instance.

All the data is stored in your browser. At no point will any data leave your network. My Home Assistant only redirects you to pages that provide you with information about your instance or help you start an action.

Following a link from My Home Assistant will never make any changes to your instance.

Why do I get a "404 Not Found" when I open a link?

This website requires you to run at least Home Assistant 2021.3 and have the "my" integration enabled.

Will this allow anyone to link me to any url on my instance?

No, this is not possible. All links and their parameters are pre-defined in this website and in the "my" integration in Home Assistant.

How can I disable this website from working for my instance?

This website does not work unless you configure the URL of your Home Assistant instance.

What pages are supported?